Here is a selection of items I have collected from the blogs I frequent. Everyone has their own circle of blogs they’re familiar with, and I thought I’d broaden your blog horizons with some tidbits from my circle.

Woe is he who becomes the subject of Kaitlyn‘s scathing wit! The phone rang in church one Sunday, and we get to enjoy this wonderful piece because of it.

Do you like it deep? My buddy By‘s bound to deliver. He’s not afraid to dig in and go for the depths. Recently he’s offered up some spiritual introspectivity, as well as a stimulating proposal regarding anabaptist theology.

And while I’m mentioning By I have to bring this up. He also just wrote a favorable piece about a singer dude. The most interesting part to me was that my favorite commenter (anon) publicly announced disappointment in Byran for his endorsement. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine with me if anon is disappointed. But why is it that 98% of these kinds of comments are from anon?! It makes me chuckle.

Rob and the boys went crabbing again. Sure wish I could help ’em eat all those crabs. One of these days, maybe. I visited DE a few months ago and Rob invited us over, but it was a quick trip and we didn’t make it. I don’t think he had any crabs for us then though!

My good buddy “Gallup” Glen over at Random Pitches has set a record even for him, I believe. He loves to ask questions of his visitors, he often wraps up a typical post by asking how his current topic factors in to your own life.

But Friday he packed 5 questions into a little 6-sentence post! Now that took talent. And practice, I’m sure.