I recently saw the movie Walk the Line about Johnny Cash (this site plays a ton of music). Very good movie, though not always pleasant and easy to watch. I tell you what, that man sure made a mess of himself for awhile.

It’s a fascinating look into his early life and career beginnings. You don’t need to have very much psychological insight to see the emotional damage he suffered growing up either, primarily received directly from his father. Makes you downright wince. And it wasn’t just growing up, his father was making it clear to him well into adulthood that he wasn’t good enough and that he didn’t approve of him.

The scary-looking (Johnny wasn’t too pretty himself) Joaquin Phoenix (pronounced Joe-ACK-quinn) plays Johnny, and Reese Witherspoon plays June Carter. The cool thing is, they both do all their own singing in the movie, and they actually do a pretty good job! I gotta tell you though, Joaquin completey blew the low note on “I Walk the Line.” Oh my. It’s bad. Not even close.

Well, I should really say this then. I just listened to the original (off of johnnycash.com), and actually Johnny doesn’t knock that low note out of the park himself either! On the original it’s a low C, I assume that’s what it was in the movie too.

There was a spot in the movie where some music came on faintly in the background and I whirled around to my wife and said “That’s the Blackwood Brothers!” It kept going and in a minute was turned up and brought to the forefront. I was beside myself. I forgot to look for them in the credits, but I was right.

The movie pretty much stops where Johnny and June were getting married. I really was hoping it would go a lot farther in his life and career, but I guess you have to end the movie sometime.

Good movie, painful but fascinating. I like movies about music and musicians.

Of course you remember the recent ITF Nod to Johnny. I like Johnny.