For some reason I thought of this the other night and decided I should post it. It goes back a couple of years, but the real reason it is a rarity lies in the fact that I am singing with instrumental backup. I’m an a cappella freak, remember.

It’s fun singing with instruments once in a while, but I wouldn’t make a habit of it.

When I went to BMA several years ago, the place was infested with guitars so we threw together a band. I did the recording and some of the singing. I didn’t do any of the playing, although in the past I’ve been known to be an astonishing guitar player.

At any rate, I think the first song we recorded was “Jesus Signed My Pardon” to the tune of “Folsom Prison Blues.” It wasn’t premeditated, but somehow during mixdown I started playing around with the original Johnny Cash track and ended up with this: Listen to it here.

Credits: Russ, on 12-string rhythm, Andy on acoustic lead, D-wight on bass, Tom on lead vocal, Forrest on banjo and mandolin. Wait, we didn’t have banjo and mandy in that one. Oh well, he played them later. Recorded, produced, engineered, mixed, edited, and mastered by Tom of Ripchord Studios.