Busy busy busy. Between taking care of issues for some clients and having to go away from home nearly every evening recently, I haven’t had much time for the important things in life.

Like complaining and whining about the Den of Iniquity.

But I can fix that.

This morning I opened the door to the shop and was assaulted by a wall of sound. A wall of nasty sound. One of the floor build punks had brought in a stereo system and was giving it a workout with some nasty, foul, rappish audio toxicity. Just horrible.

And this was no chintzy little boombox. I think it was maybe even a small home theater system, complete with sub. Loud loud loud. Awful.

And that’s the way it went for most of the day. He was asked several times (by several people) to turn it down, but it always seemed to creep back up. I feel my ears need to be bathed in some pure and wholesome a cappella for about a week.