It can get very loud in the Den of Iniquity. And I’m not even talking about the radio.

Awhile ago I told you about how me and my buddy Mark often enjoy yelling at each other. We haven’t been doing it as much anymore because we’ve been pretty much outclassed.

Brian came to work in floor set later last year. Big guy, tough guy. Loud guy. My goodness he’s loud. And he likes it that way!

It’s usually too loud to communicate very far away, and sometimes I need to get the attention of a co-worker up on the mezzanine. I often just grab Brian and say, “Will you yell at Dan for me?” He lets it rip and they hear right away! Works much better than me doing it, and saves lots of time.

Brian loves to shout, and has favorite phrases he likes to toss about for no apparent reason. Things like “NOW WHAT!!!”, “I WANNA BE A COWBOY, BABY!!!”, “WHAT’S UP?!!!!”, and “(insert day of week here) STARTS THE WEEKEND BABY!!!!”, are thrown in with the ubiquitous “MOVE THE LINE!!!” It’s entertaining and definitely breaks the monotony!

I knew you would appreciate this, so one day I smuggled in some sophisticated equipment and caught a small snippet of Brian yelling (36KB, 0:08).