My recent post about credit cards seems to have stirred no small amount of dismay, apprehension, disbelief, and anxiety. Perhaps I should clarify the issue further.

So finally I was being approved by the big guns. Not long after this began to take place, I acquired my first Discover card. I was excited about this, because what two words are synonymous with Discover ! Cash back!!!

Yes, the more you spend the more you make! In my quest for cash back, I freely used my Discover Platinum whenever I could. I did build up the cash back too.

Recently I acquired a Mastercard that also offers cash back. Discover occasionally has promotions where they offer up to 5% back on things like gas, education, or whatever the promotion is about. But this new Mastercard generously contributes 5% on gas and groceries all the time! I love it! I use it constantly!

So not only are we saving massive amounts by using the credit card (remember, all they want is $15 a month!), but they’re donating cold hard cash just to sweeten the deal even more!! Amazing!

Credit cards have a bad reputation (for some reason, I’m not sure why), so I can understand the hysterics. But I think if you reconsider your preconceived biases and thoughtfully contemplate what I have presented, you’ll realize that credit cards offer those of us at poverty level an opportunity to put our financial lives on the fast track to success!