I love credit cards. They are so wonderful and convenient. When I was a kid (early twenties) I had a terrible time getting my first one though, it was a mess. Everybody sent me apps, but nobody would approve me. Slackers.

Finally, some pathetic company gave me a very sad little Mastercard. It wasn’t worth much as far as credit limit, but it got me started with a credit record. And before too long I began to get approved by the big boys!

But this first little card introduced me to the wonderful benefits of buying stuff with plastic! I soon figured out that I could spend several hundred dollars in a month, and all they wanted in return was FIFTEEN DOLLARS!! Amazing! Where do you go to beat that?!

I added other, better cards to my collection. I eventually ditched my first one, it was really pathetic and they wouldn’t upgrade it much. With the smokin’ powerhouse cards I have now, the purchasing power available to me is unbelievable.

I got another new one a few months ago, and it had a sticker on it that said “Use it wisely.” Oh, I do. Trust me. I’ve given this area a lot of thought. When I go out to eat I just put the bill on my card and it’s like eating for free. I honestly can’t remember the last time I paid for gas with cash. Groceries, car insurance, I only wish my landlady took Mastercard!

I just don’t understand people who pay with cash or check. I could never afford to do that! I hate paying full price for stuff, it’s a no-brainer! Paying with plastic is like always getting an 80% discount!

Especially now that I’m married. We’ve been hit with some pretty hefty bills (with a few more right around the corner) and if it wouldn’t have been for my substantial collection of credit cards, we’d have been sunk.

Update: Additional Illumination