It has been so hot here in Hoosierville. The last few weeks have been nearly unbearable. Not only raging temps but unbelievable humidity has abounded also.

Ag referred to the ITF wedding day being hot, and it was. Just imagine days on end of heat at least that intense, Ag! You probably want to keep your summer visits to Hoosierville short.

Work is insufferable. No airflow, no fans, just stifling heat. Today a co-worker had a bad leak near the end of his air hose. He didn’t fix it, he liked it there blowing on him. When I took my lunchtime nap today, I first went and got his air line and laid it so the leak was blowing on me. Relief.

We live in a basement, which stays pretty cool most of the time. Until this summer of course. We have fans going everywhere and it’s still miserable.

But today. . . .

Our landlady had the AC boys come and install air conditioning!! Oh yeah!