On the Utopian west coast, the Amish are a distant, exotic, unfamiliar novelty. They’re so far removed from us, little is known about them. But overall, they’re mostly viewed in a generally positive, noble way.

In Indiana, they’re everywhere. Living here is a great way to lose your respect for them in general. I don’t mean to offend all the Amish hanging out here at ITF, but there’s a lot of strange reasoning going on in that sect. Sure, there are many decent and good individuals in their ranks, I’m not discounting them.

The first time I saw an Amish dude smoking, I stared and stared with morbid fascination. I couldn’t believe it!

You get over that reaction.

It boggles the mind that people who completely devote their lives to shunning the world in every way they can imagine will:

  • Smoke like chimneys
  • Basically give their kids license to party down and do whatever they want (to my understanding)
  • Dive in the linguistic gutter at work
  • Etc.

Not impressed.

Buggies are a real annoyance too. Constantly a road hazard, and exhaust everywhere. Today I saw a buggy being pulled by a car! It looked hilarious. Maybe the horse went lame or something, I don’t know. At any rate, they must’ve needed a buggy tow.

Another thing I can’t figure out is why the boys and men are constantly wearing stocking caps. “Sipplekopps,” they’re called. (Don’t correct me on the spelling, I like it spelled that way. Not that I know the correct way.) But even when it is warm out, always a sipplekopp.

Anyway, no offense to the Amish. I don’t have any Amish buds yet, but I hope to sometime.