A little further explanation on the disclaimer. By “pre-launch” I mean I’m not finishing designing this site yet. Blogger doesn’t have that many templates, and they’re all pretty common so I wanted to design my own.

However, it takes me ages to design a website. I like to pound code, but I’m not much of a artistic designer so that’s where the time-consuming hang-up is. If I waited until I had this site all designed before launching, I’d probably never launch. Now that I’ve launched, I work on crafting brilliant and insightful posts instead of doing the graphic design. So maybe it will never be more than a sea of white and a glass of tea.

I’m getting some very positive feedback on using pictures. I’ve said that for a long time, people like pictures.

If you follow my additions to the “To Do” list, you’ll notice I added my intentions of publishing a site feed. The feed is actually there right now, I just don’t have a link to it yet. I need to find some atom button images. Here’s a link now if you want it. Put that in your newsreader and subscribe to ITF!