I played this video for my daughter. Jumping up and down, Mandy exclaimed, “Daddy’s singing! I like Daddy’s singing.”

Not everybody’s reaction when I open my mouth to warble, but hey, that’s understandable.

“Daddy sing a more again.”

That’s not everyone’s reaction when I’m done either!

A couple weeks ago I went and heard my friends Garment of Praise give a concert not too far from here. Jason was telling me afterwords, hey, AHQ is on YouTube as the A Cappella “Army” Quartet!

I went home and scoured YouTube and sure enough, there we were. Arvin Wynn has a YouTube show (his channel is HymnTimeGospelSongs) where he plays a wide variety of Southern Gospel music. In fact, I had just recently subscribed to his channel. Somehow he got a hold of some video footage of AHQ from ’03 or so (I don’t think I even knew it existed) and posted us singing the Wayne Hooper tune “Keep in the Middle of the Road” on one of his clips.

I think the Army part was just a misunderstanding of “Harmony,” it’s since been corrected in the title.

Thanks Brother Arvin.