A while ago we went in to JC Penney’s and suffered through a photo shoot. After we were tortured through the decision process of picking out what shots we wanted (and after I recovered from the coronary brought on by their ridiculous prices), I walked to the register to part with our life savings.

I saw a sign about buying a CD of our session. I asked about it, and she didn’t know much about it, the CD thing was new and her manager wasn’t there. I asked if the images were hi-rez (are you familiar with their Smiles by Wire? Oh my.), and yes she thought they were. Duplication license? Yes, that was included. The CD would have all the images from our session, save for the enhanced stuff they put together.

The CD was a hundred bucks. Which, my goodness, is atrocious. But compared to the prices of their print packages it’s a better deal, I think.

So I said wait just a minute, cancel our order of the prints. But oops, she had just put it through, she didn’t know if she could cancel it. So I got her manager’s number and said I’d call tomorrow.

To their credit, the manager called us the next day with the order already canceled. And after getting all the ensuing stuff worked out, we received the CD in the mail a few days ago. Now Jewel can get any picture she wants, in any size she wants, no limits, no restrictions. And if she wants more in a year or two or whenever, we still have them.

Wait just a minute. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea!!