A while ago I heard about Zenni Optical on the Clark Howard Show. I wanted to try it out, so recently went in to the eye doctor to get a checkup and get my eyeglass prescription.

Zenni’s claim to fame is $8 glasses. Clark said that the feedback from his staff was mixed, some liked them and some didn’t. But it’s cheap enough that I feel it’s certainly worth a shot!

So I’m going through their website and ordering my new glasses. The prescription stuff is complicated, at least to me. What my doc wrote doesn’t quite line up with what they’re asking for, so I decided to give them a call.

I started out on hold as caller 11. 22 minutes later I’m still caller 9. This could take awhile.

27 minutes, caller 7.

30 minutes, caller 6.

32 minutes, caller 5. Hey, maybe we’re getting somewhere.

35 minutes, caller 4. At this rate it should be another 10 minutes or so.

38 minutes, caller 3.

42 minutes, caller 2.

44 minutes, my call is now fifth in line and will be answered by the next available representative. Not sure what happened here.

I have been thanked for my patience approximately 5,000 times.

47 minutes, my call is answered by a representative. My question is answered, now I can move on with my order.

One measurement they require which isn’t on my prescription is what’s called Pupillary Distance, the measurement between your eyes center to center. They say the best way to get that is to have someone hold a ruler up to your face. Where’s Jewel.

Ok, got that. I opted for the extra sunshades, so with that and shipping my final price is $16.90. We’ll see how I like them, but that’s a sight better than well over a hundred bucks for a pair from the doc.