I upgraded to WordPress 2.1 a few days ago. It went pretty well, I had to update a few plugins and wrestle with my theme a little bit, but I got everything smoothed out and working well. I thought.

Today I noticed that all my images and captions were no longer centered. I poked around in the code and noticed that there were some extra paragraph tags inserted for no reason, and they weren’t closed. This was messing up my CSS code thereby ruining the image layout.

For some reason, 2.1 is insisting on inserting lone <p> tags within custom <div> tags. Infuriating.

I found on the WordPress Forums that I’m not the only one with this problem. There is a solution posted (detailed here and here), but it isn’t working for me. I’ll keep an eye on those threads and see if something else comes up.

Actually, scratch that, it does work. By my count it’s line 67 instead of 66, I commented out the wrong code.