I’ve been getting some complaints from high-ranking and influential ITF constituents about being greeted by an evil, wicked, vile snake when they first arrive at ITF. So it’s time to move the snake down the page, I guess.

My wife just left for work, and I just ate supper. I fried the last of the hamburger that was in the fridge, along with some of the sausage. I tore half of an onion into petals and threw it in the frying pan also. Now that I have finished eating everything I wish I had more.

I will try to resist.

We’ve had some guests recently at the ITF headquarters. The baritone was here a couple of nights ago, then his parents came to visit last night. We had a great time with them.

The last few weeks have been unreasonably and uninhabitably cold. Wind chills have been well below zero a few times, and one night the temp dropped to -8 F. I have been staying indoors as much as possible.