Last weekend I went out to Wooster, OH, to the BMA convention. My wife didn’t go, she had to work all weekend.

Said hi to lots of people I knew, and met a few new ones too. Sang in the choir and met Nic, he’s a good dude, and he likes to sing.

Speaking of the choir, my buddy Brandon Mullet from Faith Builders was there for the weekend leading the music during the general sessions, directing the choir, and doing a music workshop Saturday afternoon.

I was accosted by several people I didn’t know either questioning or stating “You’re Iced Tea Forever!” That’s always fun.

I enjoyed the weekend, but there is one minor problems with the convention. The sessions are too long. Can I get a good Mennonite non-clapping amen?

The fact that we’re sitting in those awful auditorium flip-up seats doesn’t help matters. They definitely were not designed to accomodate anyone over 5 feet or 140 pounds. Of which I am both. My goodness. But I digress.

A general truth I have observed is that 97% of preachers and speakers tend to talk about 15-25% longer than would be most effective. Add that universal truth with a lot of announcements, special music, testifications, a few reports, sundry ceremonies, and various other miscellanea, and you’re left with some very cramped legs and a sore posterior.

I think a number of shortcuts could be made without harming the overall content quality, but I’m not holding my breath. Your average conservative Mennonite feels cheated if a service lets out early!