As you know, AHQ is no longer active. We do like to sing a little though when we happen to be together again.

Last Christmas was one of those times, as we were all together at home in Oregon. We had been invited to contribute some vocals on an upcoming project of some friends of ours, so we needed to visit a studio.

I run a recording studio here in the ITF office, but I couldn’t haul my equipment out to OR for a brief session. So I got my buddy Nathan to setup his studio for us.

We take a relaxed approach to recording.

Konrad the Handyman fixed up an elaborate headphone cable support system. He fabricated it from a quilt stand and quilt stick.

We were only together for a few days, and we didn’t have a lot of time to rehearse. So in that circumstance, you end up doing some rehearsing in the studio!

Look for an upcoming post where I’ll give you a song we recorded that day.