There are a few blog people I follow who are the photographer types. Like deepbrew and Benji Mast, for example. They’re always taking artsy photos and posting them on their blogs.

I look at them and think “I can do that.”

So here I am.

I saw the Lima Lima Flight Team recently at the air show in Goshen. I caught their night show this time, I had seen their daytime show several years ago. Pretty sweet outfit.

Got these first three pictures from their website, I didn’t take them myself. I’m posting them so you can tell what the Lima Lima Flight Team really looks like!

Some really tight formation flying.

A nice shot of their night show.

Anyway, I thought I would try to take some pics. As you can see, I’m an astounding photographer! These next three are mine.

Actually, I thought they turned out kind of cool. Completely unrecognizable, but cool.