It seems like we haven’t had much food content lately here at ITF, so it’s high time to remedy the situation!

These pics are from a year ago (almost exactly), but I’m making this stuff right now. It’s fantastic. I learned it from my Mom.

What you need:

Zuchini (small ones, don’t let them get too big)
An onion
A tomato
1 lb. sausage or ground beef
Grated cheese
Sour cream
1 can any cream-of soup
Mushrooms (optional, but recommended)

Slice up the zuchini. You can also use that yellow squarsh they grow a lot of in Hoosierville.

You also will need the onion diced up in largish dices. I usually start the zuchini frying a little bit before I add the onion though.

Fry the zuchini. Fry it hard. Fry it long. Cook those vitamins out of it! A little Mark Lowry reference there for you. But you want it cooked to death, you want it shriveled and mushy. It takes a while, but don’t try to shortcut here.

I’ve kinda quit frying it for awhile covered, I think I like it better fried uncovered the whole time.

Fry the meat too. I usually fry the meat beforehand, set it aside, and add it back in later. Saves an extra frying pan to wash.

And don’t forget to salt the meat. I like to salt the zuchini too. They don’t use much salt here in Hoosierville, but I do.

Dice up your tomato, set aside. Add the onion to the zuchini in the frying pan somewhere in here though. The reason I add it later is because I want the zuchini fried harder than the onion.

You are happy, because you’re soon going to consume an ITF delicacy!

Dump in a small can of mushrooms.

When the zuchini is nearly done, add the dices of tomato and the meat. Fry for a few more minutes.

Once it’s getting good and cooked, add the can of soup. Cook long enough for the soup to be hot, then throw in a handful of grated cheese and a dollop of sour cream.

Stir and eat. Try not to eat the whole pan yourself, it’s nice if there’s enough for someone else to try too.