Glenn Beck has become my favorite talk show host of all time, and I’ll tell you why.

The other day he was ranting about air conditioning, and it was fabulous. How it’s been so hot you know, and his wife keeps wanting to go outside but all he wants to do is stay in the air conditioned indoors! And that how mankind inventing air conditioning is basically the reason that we rule the world instead of lions or squirrels.

You know, he said, if squirrels had invented AC then maybe I’d be running on their porch rail instead of the other way around.

He’s extremely funny. He’s excellent at taking a slightly ridiculous notion and bringing out the male truth in it and turning it into a brilliant rant.

And when he is addressing a serious issue, he’s a man of logic and reason and common sense. Good for him, and good for me now that I can listen.

Update: Now that was an error! I forgot to link to Thank you Kaitlyn.