Today my buddy Craig told me a couple stories at the Den of Iniquity. A little mean maybe, but pretty funny!

One of the guys in chassis prep sent a new employee (just a kid) on an errand. He sent him upstairs to Craig, with a box, to get something. Craig asked him several times what he wanted, he didn’t think he was understanding correctly what the kid said. He just couldn’t get it so he finally yelled down over the railing to Bill, asking him what was it that he wanted. Bill yelled “A BOX OF STEAM!!” and just collapsed in laughter.

Craig told the kid, don’t worry about it, they’re playing a joke on you!

In another department, somebody sent a rather gullible co-worker to maintenance for a “panel stretcher.” The maintenance guy was quick on his feet and told him it was being repaired. The guy went back to his department and reported that they couldn’t use the panel stretcher, it was out being repaired!