Last weekend, as you know, the ITF office staff packed up and attended a wedding in Delaware. We put, oh I don’t know, 1400 miles on the ol’ Monte Carlo from Friday to Sunday.

That’s a lot. Fortunately, my old buddy Russ came with us and I of course conned him into doing a bunch of the driving.

It was good to be at Justin and LaDonna’s wedding, it was very nice. Lots of music.

My wife and I helped serve at the reception. AHQ warbled a tune as a trio. I got to see a lot of people I rarely see, that was fun. Got to talk to my buddy Rob a bunch! He’s a true friend to ITF, I probably should pay him for all the PR work he does for me.

This one dude I didn’t know from Adam introduced himself to me and admitted he was a follower of ITF. I asked where he heard of me. He had to point a finger at Rob!

What a guy. I made Rob and his boys sing a couple of tunes for me, they’re really good! Them boys are being brought up right.

Aunt Gladys told me she likes the dental escapades I broadcast on this forum.

I do have a few regrets, there were some people I wanted to corner but it never happened. Like Ryan and some other former and current Utopians.

So anyway, we left DE in the early evening and heading for our friend Deb‘s house in Lancaster Co. PA. I think a tremendous amount of her parents, Alvin and Ruth. They barbecued chicken for some sandwiches for me at 10 or 11 that night! I’ll never forget that, will I. Nope.

We had a wonderful visit there, but then we had to leave early Sunday morning for SMBI.

So we did. Voice of Praise was singing there in the morning and we arrived just in time. It was a great program and it was good to see them again. They had to leave soon afterwards, but we had a good time visiting while we could.

Another reason for stopping at SMBI was to visit certain students.

That’s my nieces Jenna, Annie (she was visiting her sisters), and Brianna, then it’s my wife and David The Baritone.

I was told of a certain musical act at their recent talent show, so I requested a special performance. It’s the mennonite version of the Soggy Bottom Boys singing “Man of Constant Sorrow!”

It was pretty smokin’.

Then I went and visited the infamous dorm room with the bashed in wall. It’s all true, it really happened. I saw it with my own eyes.

It’s big too! Looks more like he bashed it in with his head instead of his hand!

Speaking of my buddy Hans, here he is:

Two powerhouse bloggers!