Awhile ago I started writing an editorial about the latest new member of the King’s Heralds. I never got around to posting it until now, so it’s slightly out of date, but not too much. It’s kinda long, so I think I’ll post it in parts.

To a certain extent, I keep a fairly close watch on the Southern Gospel scene. I love a good southern gospel quartet, though I quickly tire of over-instrumentalization and unimaginative, lackluster arrangements. Oh yeah, and mixes where the first tenor is so hot that the baritone (or often the lead) is nonexistent. Good SG quartets are becoming hard to find anymore due to these rampant problems and others like them.

Anyway, so I read that in a recent round of musical chairs Jeff Pearles was leaving the group he was currently in and joining some unknown group called the Heralds. Hmm, I thought, I wonder who they are. Jeff became well-known as an up-and-coming young bass when he joined the Palmetto State Quartet a few years ago. One of those little guys with a big voice, he was pretty popular.

A little trivia on the side, you know that announcer intro/voice over to the Cathedrals‘ “Radio Days” recording? That was Jeff, before he was with PSQ.

Back to my editorial: Yawn, more so-and-so leaves this group and joins that one. Then I’m directed to this article. Oh my goodness. Jeff is joining the King’s Heralds.

What ! How is this going to work !

Part 2