This is really interesting. Somehow I (mistakenly, I’m sure) received an email newsletter called “Things Hutterite,” from a Tarrel “Terry” Miller. I don’t know much about Hutterites. They live in colonies and hold all things communal, to my understanding, and I think have some ties to very conservative Mennonite/Amish.

I saw that Hutterite movie once, “How to get to Heaven in Montana.” The thing I remember was being astounded at how a large segment of them completely disregarded salvation! Very strange.

This newsletter doesn’t have a very formal “news” feel. Rather, it comes across as speculative and gossipy, hinting at possible situations in certain colonies, theorizing about various and sundry hidden meanings, and reading in between the lines. Then they take on Peter Hoover!

I don’t know Peter Hoover, but I’ve heard stories about what a charismatic and interesting man he must be. I believe he has written quite a bit also (he authored Secret of the Strength). Evidently the last few years he’s turned Hutterite. Unless I’m getting a lot of things mixed up.

Anyway, half of this newsletter is taken up with a rant spent ripping on Pete! It’s quite astounding, to me anyway, and pretty much gets rid of any credibility or self-respect the newsletter might have had in the first place. Very odd. I know next to nothing about Pete, I don’t have any idea if the criticism is justified or not, but I’m really surprised that this kind of a thing would get sent out to (I assume) a good-sized group of people as an official newsletter. On and on he goes at poor Peter’s expense. I sure wonder how I became the recipient of this.

I’ve joked about having a big Amish following here on ITF, do you suppose there’s also a Hutterite one?!