The Official Iced Tea Dinner (though not billed as such!) was sold at auction for the ridiculously overpriced sum of $35 per plate! Our church fundraising auction was a big success and a lot of fun too. I love auctions.

And to all my skeptics, no, I don’t realize any profits from this! It all goes for the building fund cause.

Overpriced as it was, the ITF meal tickets were a downright bargain compared to my buddy Kyle’s (he’s an esteemed ITF commenter too) seasoned pork tenderloin dinner! My wife and I wanted tickets to it, so I got in position to bid when it came up on the auction block. I got in a bid or two, but was quickly put out of the running. It moved way beyond my league!

Fortunately for me, my brother-in-law was the high bidder and gave me and my wife a couple tickets. What a guy! He definitely gets a comp ticket to the ITF dinner.

It turned out that (unbeknownst to him) it was my other brother-in-law bidding him up!

Oh yeah, the price. Try $80 bucks a head.

Looking forward to it Kyle.