It may have been a little slow on ITF this week, but things have been hopping here at headquarters. I’ve been working with a client in the studio so I haven’t had time to nurture the blog. Instead, I’ve asked ITF’s all-time favorite commenter to once again write a guest post! Thanks Ag.

I see Tom hasn’t been posting much of late. Tsk. I might call him a slacker, only I am to blame. If you remember WAY back in the beginning of ITF time, Tom posted a CD review from a ladies trio called Heartbeat. That trio contains me, the faithful ITF supporter, and two of my sisters. It all came into being when Tom heard our CD and was either thrilled about what he thought we COULD be, or just ragingly compassionate for the mess that he did find, and began to beg, plead, grovel, and bribe for us to let him to do our next recording and work as both an engineer and a producer. I concluded that if someone is begging to work with you, either they really need to get out more or they really smell potential. I chose to believe the latter.

So, I’m at Tom’s house. Well, not at this exact moment in time. Tom gave me my homework assignment and I am seeking to fulfill that at the house of Jewel’s parents. AND if I don’t have all the work done that he expected to be done in the music department by the time we get to his house tonight, he must bestow upon us an extra measure of grace because I am spending valuable minutes doing this.

YAWN! We’ve been working long hours. We’ve been floating, wallowing, framing, stacking, tuning,……all in the world of music. It’s been fun, frustrating, hilarious, enlightening, and exhausting. I will say of Tom, the man is relentless! BUT he is as patient as he is relentless, so it works, and no one has yet had an anxiety attack, broken into hysterical sobs, or begun to twitch nervously, so it’s all great.

Mrs. ITF is just the greatest thing ever. We all laugh hysterically and Tom just sits there. Poor man, he misses out on the whole world of female humor. Jewel is refreshing to have around and creates much needed diversions, insisting that we need a break. We love her!!

OH MY! Okay, so we are all sitting around the table eating supper. It’s Tom against four ladies. We are all farm girls. We have all milked cows. Tom, obviously has not. When the conversation turns dairy, he confidently charges in and asks if we all talk about “Number 12 who was down, or number 25 who has a dry corner.” We laughed (my sister said that “laugh“ is to mild of a word…but for lack of better…..). To those of you who know as much (or as little) as Tom, suffice to say that a cow does NOT have a “dry corner.” We’ll leave it there.

Yes, all is well in the land of ITF. I know. I’ve been there.