This coming weekend I’m once again making the eternal trek to SMBI in PA for the Quartet Weekend. Last year the road tolls were 20 bucks ONE WAY! I was unprepared, I barely had the cash to cover it going out there. And it’s around an 8 hour drive I think, way too long. Then coming home late that Sunday night the heater core went out in my car.


But I made it, and it was well worth it. What a great weekend! I’m looking forward to another one. I get to see friends that I don’t see very often, and it’s great singing and hanging out with fellow rabid quartet guys. Me and my buddy Benj are going to try to throw a quartet together for the weekend.

Dave Gingerich was going to have one of the workshops, but had to cancel. They asked me to fill in for him, so I’m in charge of the “Organizational Structure” workshop. I’m not real comfortable with public speaking, so it’s getting right down to panic time. I can’t think on my feet when I’m orating publicly, and I often ramble and talk in circles. I’d much rather sing in public than speak.

Hey! That’s an idea! Maybe I should just set my presentation to music!

(Sung to the tune of “Muy Bien Senor,” a song I wrote a number of years ago.)

“Always sing in tune,
Always sing in tune,
Every time you practice
Learn to sing in tune!
Always sing in tune. . .” etc.

And so on. I’ll have to consider that, it may be just the ticket.