A week or two ago I started suspecting my screwgun trigger was going bad again. It slowly got worse, then the brake went bye-bye. And next was the variable speed.

Those both happened the same day. The gun was nigh near unusable, then I started smelling something burning. Electrical-type burning. The screwgun was laying on the table where I was working, just sitting there. I touched it and it was smoking hot!

I quickly yanked the battrey out, only to find meltage and nastiness:

Notice the little warp or bubble in the right bottom corner, on top of the battrey? It was even getting hot down there inside, that started to melt too.

So I was forced to trade it in on a new screwgun. Had to go clear in to Elkhart for the nearest Sears too, what a pain.

I get in there and find that Craftsman has redesigned the 19.2 volt screwgun, so I got to upgrade. And this one is pretty nice.

The first thing I did of course was yard off that drill handle, I don’t need that. I’m sure it would be nice if you did a lot of drilling though, but I use it mostly for driving screws.

I certainly hope that they redesigned the trigger too! On the inside. The old one was definitely faulty.

The chuck is different, the clutch adjustment is much better, the grip is more ergonomic, the rubber is a little tougher, and the neatest thing is the little LED work light on the top of the battrey housing. It comes on with the trigger and casts a little glow up towards the front of the gun. Pretty slick. Nice if you’re working in a dark area and could use some extra light on the subject.