Right now I’m under the influence of Valium. I’m quite disappointed, actually.

I just went to a new dentist recently (I have a boatload of dental work to be done), and I demanded some type of sedation dentistry. I despise, abhor, dread going to the dentist. And in this day and age there’s no reason to put up with the horrors and trauma of it all, I want my mind altered when I’m subject to his tortures.

So I had my exam and x-rays, and he gave me a prescription for Valium. I followed the directions and took one last night, with great expectations I might add. What a disappointment. Nothing much happened. I got a little tired, wasn’t quite as steady on my feet as normal, maybe. I thought, oh boy, this ain’t gonna do much for me when I’m in the chair.

Today I was supposed to take one more pill an hour before my appointment. Forget that. I took two.

Still didn’t do anything! I might have been a little more talkative, maybe more cocky, but my step was sure and my gaze was steady. Goodness. I want to be transported to another world.

So I told them that this lame Valium didn’t do a whole lot (he wasn’t impressed that I took two), so he broke down and gave me a prescription for something stronger. He said people respond to it differently, but he’s seen guys my size have to be literally carried in and carried out after taking it.

Sure. We’ll see.

Hopefully he’s right!