I don’t know where this week went, but it definitely went. I kept thinking, man, I want to post such-and-such today for my faithful constituency, but something would come up and it wouldn’t get done. So it went until tonight.

I was chatting a little bit ago with Kon (on yay-hoo’s abominable instant messenger, don’t ask for my username). Here’s an enlightening and edifying excerpt from our intelligent conversation, very slightly edited for clarity.

Tom: I was quite meloncholic about Tap ’05 after all the vids came out on the tap site
Tom: so now I’m listening to a much superior choir, Tap ’03
Tom: very excellent stuff, esp. the bass
Kon : That’s a good idea
Kon : and remedy.
Kon : There’s a bunch of vids.
Kon : all vocal things aside,
Kon : there’s absolutely no way in the world that Tap ’05 had the charisma of Tap ’03,
Kon : much less the bass section in and of themselves.
Tom: goodness no
Kon : What’s a good-sounding choir w/o charisma?
Kon : A good sounding choir, that’s all.
Tom: like a whited wall filled with dead men’s bones
Kon : It’s like sitting there listening to a finely crafted ceiling fan whir.
Tom: Si senor
Kon : It’s doing a great job, but has no staying power.
Tom: none
Kon : Si.

Ok, so if you don’t know, me and Kon were part of Tap ’03 and not ’05. That may explain our comments somewhat. I was seriously bummed about missing this iteration of Tap. Really ticks me off.

Update: Here’s a screenshot of some of the yea, who? chat images we’ve used. The top is Kon’s daughter, the bottom is my avatar. It’s a replica of me in my office drinking iced tea. He’s not fat enough, but that’s as fat as I could make him.