It’s a very humbling thing, mass generosity. I’ve been the recipient of abundantly unrestrained and gratuitous giving several times in my life, and this was another one of those times.

In addition to a stack of gifts, we received many cards accompanied with cash, checks, and gift certificates. Everything we received was undeserved, but received with a whoop and holler!

Hmm. I started writing this post, then let it sit, then my wife found it and then I had to cross out her contribution!

Seriously though, we must know many generous people! A few gifts in particular we knew were extremely sacrificial, and made us marvel at the kind of people God has put in our lives.

Now here is ITF’s executive director:

We were very humbled by all that was given, even to the point of shedding a few tears. Both Tom and I have felt very unworthy, but more than the gifts, we were just excited to have everyone present at the wedding. Made my day at least!!