ITF is back. Better, stronger, satisfied, more rested, and drinking a monster glass of iced tea. Fulfilled, blessed. Now with an Executive Director!

It’s been a long time since I last shared my innermost thoughts and feelings and emotions with you fine people! Thanks for all your kind comments and well-wishings.

After my wife and I returned from our honeymoon last week (Tues), we left again for a short trip with my Mom and Dad (they stayed around in Hoosierville while we were gone). We went up to Wisconsin to the Reiman Publications visitor center, then touristed in Chicago the next day. I’ll probably blog about that later.

Then we came back late Friday night and started getting settled in at home. Opened wedding presents Saturday. Mom and Dad flew back to Utopia on Tuesday. And here we are this week, trying to relax after all the frenetic activity of the last few weeks!

Back to work of course this week, lots to blog about there too.

And thanks to Ag for writing such a great guest post!

I’ve got a ton of material for ITF! The future is bright.