That last post on music is the perfect preface for this story!

My buddies Marty and Bill back in old Plant 103 loved to rip on me about singing. They’ve never heard me sing, but they certainly won’t let a small detail like that hinder them. I loved it and egged them on.

They would howl along with the radio and I would sit back and marvel at their ability and how I could never compare. I continually complimented them on their talent and vocal ability. They continually reminded me of my place far beneath them.

“I’m a great singer!” I would say. Then Marty would launch into a two-minute tirade about how I went home at night and ran my voice through the computer trying to make it sound half decent and how futile even that was. It usually didn’t take long for me to break down in fits of laughter.

I miss Marty. He quit after they shut down 103. Bill got moved with me to 900 and we still work together, but I miss Marty, he was my bud. Even though he was easily my life’s largest single source of profanity.

Anyway, one day a couple months ago we were by another worker’s radio that was tuned to country music. “Life’s a Dance” came on the radio. I started singing along. Something like this (35KB, 0:08).

They immediately yelled for me to stop. Marty shouted, “I’ve had tires on my car that could sing better than you!!!”