I’ve got a few neat things in store for ITF from the wedding, but we’re having problems with the audio. The on-site recording engineer isn’t in the area right now, and he sent me some dvd’s of the audio but I can’t open them. We’ll eventually work it out.

I also have a number of recipes that I will post in the (hopefully) near future. Some great stuff! You’ll want to try these.

We have a new answering machine message! Here’s the old one. I need to set up my studio in the near future, I’ll record and post it then.

Speaking of answering machines, this Saturday I got a phone call very early in the morning. I managed to somewhat answer it with a probably very groggy “hello”, just at the same time the machine kicked in. I gladly hung up. Later I went and listened to the message and someone was pretty much just chortling and snickering. They never said who they were. Please don’t call me early on a Saturday.

Anybody else miss Ag? Where has she been? Suddenly she just disappeared and quit commenting. I think I’ll post a picture of her, maybe that will bring her out of hiding.

BMA Convention is this weekend. I really wish I could go, Voice of Praise is going to be there! I’m a huge fan of VOP. I practically grew up listening to them. And hey, wonder of wonders (I’m one to talk), they’ve updated their website! New photo albums, and they’ve reached way back in the archives for some of them. Way to go Ben, good work.

I have lost ten pounds today.

And coming up in the next post I’m going to attempt to instill some culture in my constituency! I have been working on it for the past several days. I know I just recently posted a rare serious post, and I apologize for posting another so soon. But this should be good for you, you might learn a lot.