There are lots of them. People that leave comments anonymously, that is.

Let me make one thing crystal clear. If you prefer to be anonymous, keep commenting all you want. That’s fine.

But I do think that if you are going to stir the waters, be controversial, take issue with the blogger, make great and substantial comments, or just comment frequently, it’s much more polite to establish an identity online.

Mrs. Darling said it wonderfully over at Life in the Shoe. Some anon commenter (seventh comment down) inexplicably and astonishingly was troubled by the tone and attitude of LitS (I’m still completely bewildered how they ever came up with that doozy). Everybody started jumping to defend Dorcas, and Mrs. Darling gently chided the original instigator and another anon or two about posting the kind of things they were saying as anonymous.

Then of course they tried to turn it on her, but she brilliantly deflected their ridiculous statements. Basically, go right ahead if you want to be anon, but create an identity. Use initials, come up with a unique name, anything.

Like I told Darin, I love controversy on a blog. It makes it so much more interesting. I was a little afraid of writing this, because I don’t want to stifle a single comment. So if the only way you’ll make that bold and controversial comment attacking the blogger is if you do it completely anon, do it anyway! I like those kind of comments too much. But maybe think about creating an identity.

You see things like PFC, EG, The Baritone, Truthseeker, Peacefullady, atthecrux, and I’ve even seen ones such as Dave and Sharon! See, it can be done. And it’s probably painless.

Like last night, this comment came in signed by Anonymous Coward. This dude must have seen the comment I left over here. I love it! What a great sense of humor. See, and he’s creating an identity.

All this to draw attention to my own new proactively instigative anonner! This dude (dudette No one knows!!) laid into me on my political post, but he (she) must have been a little chicken because they waited until it was old and way down the page! I love these kinds of comments. I don’t think I’ve really gotten any like this before. So thanks, anon. Maybe I’ll have to come up with a name for you.

Hey, maybe he’s AC from that previous paragraph!

You all know I gave Ag her name, don’t you? That was way back in the good old days on the by-log, when we commenters out-wrote By by a 4 words to 1 margin. Come to think of it, Truthseeker does that now all by himself!! Ha ha! Just having fun with you, TS!