Weekends are usually a pretty sorry time to listen to the radio. All the good talk shows are off, the southern gospel shows are over, the only thing on is goofy weekend stuff. So coming home this afternoon I was listening to WFRN (CCM radio) and lo and behold, we dipped way back in the archives for 2nd Chapter of Acts singing Keith Green’s “Easter Song!” Wow. Now why can’t they play stuff like that more often?

Then a few commercials and here we have David Phelps’ “End of the Beginning!” Yeah! Now why can’t they play that kind of stuff more often? Your run-of-the-mill CCM music of today is so boring it’s pathetic. You listen and think, ok, what about this song/music is interesting, unique, or attention-grabbing? 98% of the time the answer is “nothing.” Yawn.

Speaking of David Phelps, he’s about the cream of the crop in today’s CCM. Great songs, powerhouse voice, good stuff. Best tenor the Gaither Vocal Band ever had too. I’m a big fan, even though he is a tenor! Jewel likes him too.


Thanks to EG for the tip, go here and you can hear 2nd Chapter singing the Easter Song.