I used to have a lot of bikes. Most weren’t much to look at when I got them, some of them stayed that way. But a few of them I tricked out and had my bud (the painter at work) squirt on a custom one-off paint job.

I don’t have pics of some of the bikes, I really wish I did. Maybe there are some somewhere, but I don’t know. Like the last street bike we did. I had an old ’87 Honda Hurricane CBR 600 (back when they called the CBR the Hurricane) that we did a really nice paint job on. Londo (painter bud) was very creative. I turned him loose on it and he came up with some really cool stuff.

Anyway, this ’85 Honda 250R was my main machine (I rode mostly on the dunes) for quite a while. It looked pretty rough but it ran great. Until I blew up the motor. So I ripped it to shreds, rebuilt it, and me and Londo came up with this paint scheme.

This is what they look like stock.

So after I turned it into a showpiece, I just couldn’t ride it anymore. Too nice, I needed to ride bikes that I wasn’t afraid to scratch. I went to dirt bikes after I sold the 250R, got me an ’88 Honda CR 500. Now that’s a man’s motorcycle. 500 cc’s of mind-blowing 2-stroke power.

And for good measure, here’s the car I drove for, I don’t know, 8 or 9 years? ’82 Camaro Z28, 305 V8, 4-speed.

These are old analog pics, I had to scan them in. I felt like a historian or something, trying to preserve a piece of the distant past. What did we do before digital cameras?!! How inconvenient and limited! The advent of the digital camera was to photography what Columbus discovering America was to mankind.