My Mom recently subscribed me to the little newspaper from my old hometown, Brownsville, OR. I know one guy on the front page, Ernie’s evidently been doing alright in the karaoke contests.

After 47 years Jerry finally sold his gas station there on the corner of 228 and Washburn, just down the road from my house. I’ve filled many a gas tank (and can) there. Had him fix a three-wheeler flat tire once when I was a kid, too. It was a bad one. One time (also as a kid) I got some gas and then realized I forgot my wallet or something, or just didn’t have any money. I promised I’d come right back and pay for it! Which I did, and he was easygoing enough to wave it off like no big deal. He sold the station to the dude that owns the PV.

The editorial section is still the political battleground of the editor and his daughter (the managing editor). He’s staunchly conservative, she’s an extreme liberal. Sometimes they trade issues doing the editorial, this one he wrote and she gave a response. Um, she doesn’t like Bush very much.

Nice rather over-the-top letter to the editor from a former town resident. He’s pretty steamed at how a long-time current B-ville resident and good guy (and a former customer of my Dad’s) is getting the shaft from the town over some inane and bizarre property dispute. He used LOTS OF CAPS.

Great stuff!