What I had for Breakfast: One small can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. This is actually very rare, I hardly ever eat any breakfast.

A little side note, Campbell’s Chicken Noodle was my favorite soup ever, nay, close to favorite food ever when I was a small child. I remember once my Mom trying to dampen my unbridled enthusiasm for it by telling me that if I ate too much I wouldn’t like it when I got older! I still like it, but my enthusiasm has been tempered somewhat.

Now I prefer the Cream of Chicken!!

Anyway, let me get back on track here.

Number of Octaves Spanned During Congregational Singing this Morning: Just over 3. Low E-flat, D, to somewhere around F above high C.

Number of People Amused at Above Statistic: One. Jewel.

Number of People Annoyed: Unknown. Likely the entire congregation.

Amount of Snowfall: WAY TOO MUCH!!!! 2 or 3 inches maybe, I don’t know. Sloppy wet stuff this time, often it’s really dry and powdery. But it rained some too today, so hopefully we’re getting a good start on getting rid of the stuff.

Duration of Time Between the Benediction and Actually Leaving Church: Probably well over an Hour.

Were You the Last Ones? Yes, with two other couples.

Is That Too Long? Yes, it is.

When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Your Computer Screen? Right now! It looks so much better! It’s like I turned the brightness way up!

What is Coming Up in the Near Future on Iced Tea Forever? I’m really excited about my next post! I will give specific direction and illustration on how to prepare one of my favorite culinary dishes! The concept of this dish isn’t new, but I have highly modified and improved upon it and given it my own special touch! You won’t want to miss this one.