McCray Dove had a blog for a short while. His writing style was a little rough and unpolished, lots of typos and misspellings and poor grammar. This brought some mild (but public) criticism, the main reason (as I recall) he cited in abandoning the life of a blogger.

The very nature of blogging is stream-of-consciousness. Write whatever’s in your head, let it flow directly to the digital paper, click, publish, the world reads. Don’t sweat the little stuff, it’s not important in this medium. People shouldn’t fuss about typos and misspellings in a blog. Save it for a more formal work.

That being said, I like to play the editor, I like to proofread and correct things. Which I do if I find an error in a previous post. But at the same time, I try not to worry about it.

What a boring post. I apologize. Maybe I’ll delete it. How embarrassing. I should have come up with a picture to redeem this sorry thing.