A while ago I talked about aviation, and how I was going to become an RC pilot. That was not idle chatter. After a lot of research (thank you Dave Powers, internet hero), last winter I bought several cheap electric foamies on ebay, fixed them, and took to the air.

Very briefly.

At first, anyway. It was awhile before I used up a fully charged battery, I’d always bust up the plane before I ran out of juice. Fortunately, most foam planes are pretty tough and easy to repair. And I’ve had to make countless repairs on them!

That’s my Wild Hawk. It has taken a tremendous beating, I had busted it up beyond belief and repaired it so many times that finally I couldn’t salvage the fuselage any more. I ordered a new one and rebuilt it and have logged quite a few more hours in it. With it.

There’s nothing quite like a Piper Cub, even one that’s a rather poor replica! Someday I’d like to get a nice (and big) RC Cub.

Here’s a good beginner’s tip, though: fly with snow on the ground. It saves a lot of plane damage!

So I’ve been flying quite a bit since last winter. For my next plane, I want to build the RCPowers F-22 EasyBuild Version 2.

Thanks to David for the pics on this post! He took them when he was out here this summer.