I saw a note on Facebook from my buddy Mike Fisher that The King’s Heralds album “Encores” is on Grooveshark.

All right, I thought, I really like that album and I don’t own it. I have also written extensively about it.

So went to play the album, and realized that this is the rare original version with Jim Ayers on bass!

As I understand it, Jim Ayers left shortly after they recorded this album. Jeff Pearles then re-recorded the bass parts, and the album was released from then on with Jeff on bass.

I wish I could listen to the Jeff version again and compare them back-to-back.

I just realized that they also changed a track completely. The album is all a cappella save for one track, Champion of Love. Except on this original version, that track is “A New Name in Glory.” Much better, in my opinion.

Thanks for the tip, Mike.