Brother Doug,

Your profession has come in pretty handy for some of our family members. So I’m frustrated that when I need your services, I’m 2300 miles away!

See, I have a pipe that’s leaking. It’s leaking badly. The good part is that it’s leaking into a drainage area for my sump pump. So it’s nothing I have to clean up or anything, but it’s not something that will ever get better on its own.

And oh man, what a pain to change it. It goes down into the bottom of the hole thingy where water drains to be pumped out, then it goes up and out into the ground or something. What a pain. I’m sure it would be real easy for you though.

Tell you what. Come out and fix it for me and my wife will make you all the rhubarb pie you can eat! It’s really good, she made a couple rhubarb pies a few weeks ago and I ate the vast majority of them. So I know what I’m talking about.

Whaddaya say? It’s all wrapped up with tape, just waiting for you.