What is it with my veins, and why do they keep letting me down?! I’ve been stuck (both for blood and IV’s) more times than I can count this week, and most of them were failed attempts. I hear that the nurses are being told in report that I’m terrified of needles. I wonder why.

Regarding tape, I had a great idea this morning. They’re really good about checking for allergies, next time I’m just going to tell them I’m allergic to tape! That way I don’t have to fight off the tape attacks every time they come to stick me, they can just look and see, hey, he’s allergic to tape. My wife told me they get paid by how much tape they use, that certainly would make sense.

This poor old codger in bed 2, he’s always begging for his pain meds too. They’re such sticklers in here about not giving you your meds a second earlier than they’re supposed to. What a crock, I say. If you need more before it’s time, then they’re not working. Dose me up. The nurse just asked him what his pain is on a scale of 1 to 10, and he said 20.