I’ve been gone from here for a while longer than I intended. I didn’t mean to be though.

Between working full time, spending several days in the studio, being sick for the last while, hosting family gatherings, hosting miscellaneous other guests, and striving to be an exemplary husband and father, there hasn’t been much time left over for the income-free pursuit of ITF.

But there was something I wanted to talk about, and I forgot to in the last post about going to By and Amy’s wedding.

I get very weary of long road trips. But a couple years ago I stumbled on a great activity during such times: have my wife read my book to me! She usually doesn’t mind, depending on the book. So no more Dean Koontz books.

A few weeks ago she bought me a handful at a book sale for a quarter a piece, but I have to read them myself.

So anyway, the book of choice for the road trip to the wedding was Upstairs the Peasants are Revolting. It’s a great book, I enjoyed it very much.