I’m a huge fan of the Gaither Vocal Band, and was very sorry to see David Phelps leave. I had been slightly skeptical to see him come, but I was sorry to see him go. I came to like him a lot.

So he left God’s perfect will for his life as tenor of GVB, and went to CCM as a soloist. Tragic. But as far as CCM goes, he’s one of the best they’ve got. Which really isn’t saying much, I guess, but I mean it as a compliment!

And of course my wife thinks he’s the greatest that’s ever been. So we went to see him last Friday night.

As with nearly every non-a cappella concert I ever attended, the band was too loud and the vocals were too quiet. But wow, what an incredible singer. Vocally, he’s nothing but dynamite.

If you can look past the hair! His wife probably holds him up by his feet and uses him to mop the floor.

The encore was really strange. First thing, they didn’t come back for ages! I was starting to wonder if they were going to come back at all or not.

They finally did, and were bombarded with calls from all over the crowd, “Revelation!!” Everybody wanted him to sing “Revelation,” because he hadn’t done it yet. And why not, it’s one of his best songs.

But then he does “Life is a Church.” I don’t understand that, it’s a terrible encore song. And that was the first I’d heard it, but I don’t think it’s that great of a song anyway! Bizarre.

The only thing I can figure, “Life is a Church” is his latest album, and “Revelation” was the one before that. Trying to promote the new stuff? I don’t know, but it was the wrong choice for an encore.

So anyway, the concert wasn’t bad. But I’d sure like to stick him back in GVB, that voice is too good to waste on CCM.