March 2007

Tech05 Mar 2007 07:16 pm

Last weekend I was having a terrible time trying to burn some data on disc. I messed around with drivers, different apps, and everything else. Couldn’t get it burned for nothing.

Enter in CDBurnerXP Pro! Some very nice freeware, I really like it. And it works well.

There’s nothing like a slick piece of freeware.

Family03 Mar 2007 12:37 pm

I received this picture in my email the other day, with the caption “This is coming to you!”

Oh boy. Probably.

The future is scheduled to begin on May 27.

Music01 Mar 2007 10:04 pm

I’ve posted about and mentioned Wayne Hooper several times here on ITF. Wayne Woodhams has commented before with news about Wayne Hooper, and tonight he gives us this:

Last fall I posted a message to this group about the health and medical issues of Wayne Hooper. From that post, I did get quite a number of emails, questions, and concerns about Wayne.

It is with great sadness and personal loss that I bring to this group the news that Wayne Hooper has passed away. He lost the long battle with cancer, and died at his home in Newbury Park, CA last night (February 28, 2007) at about 9 pm. As one who shared his name and also the love he had for male voice singing, it was most difficult to hear the news this morning.

My own personal loss pales in comparison to the loss his passing brings to his own church, to the Christian music world in general, to male voice singing enthusiasts everywhere, and most specifically, to male quartets. As many know, he had a beautiful baritone voice, and sang in the internationally known quartet, The King’s Heralds Quartet from the late 1940’s to the early 1960’s. Even when he stepped aside from quartet singing, he was still producing an enormous amount of arrangements, and contributed to his own world-wide church by taking on the task of putting together a new church hymnbook that when done, was simply magnificent, and is in use in thousands of churches all over the world today.

His impact on male voice singing and his unique arrangements are hard to quantify or qualify. From his early involvement with male voice singing in the early 1940’s, he made a major change with the typical way quartet harmony was put together. He was a baritone, and apparently didn’t like the traditional role the baritone usually had in singing the “fifth” harmony. So he changed it, and what major changes he made.

He also was keen at chord progressions and voicing that defied the traditional way of doing things, or what was considered “acceptable.” For example, quartet harmony usually sounds best when a song ends, if the tenor (first tenor) part is on the root or third pitch on the final chord. Few would end a song with the tenor on the fifth note, purely because it doesn’t sound proper. It leaves sort of an unfinished sound to the final chord. Wayne, however, found ways to do this, that sounded absolutely marvelous, and did so on quite a number of arrangements. Probably the best known example is his scoring of the song “Oh Lord of Space”, with the words written by H.M.S. Richards, who was the founder and speaker for the Voice of Prophecy radio broadcast for many years.

I could probably go on and on, but I’ll let others who were much closer to him professionally or personally, add their comments about him, and of the great and significant contribution he made in so many ways.

The world has lost a great musician, arranger, and singer, and yesterday I lost a close friend. Godspeed, Wayne. It’ll be good to blend voices again in Heaven.

Wayne Woodhams,
Ventura, California

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