Awhile ago I mentioned with enthusiasm that the King’s Singers were descending upon Hoosierbilly country. I was pleasantly surprised when their 2nd baritone, Chris Gabbitas, later commented on the post.

We went to the concert at the Goshen College Sauder Concert Hall. Pretty neat venue. It was full, and there were lots of doctors there. The hospital is all tied up with the college in something or other, and the hospital big shots and lots of docs were there. This guy had all the docs stand, and they were everywhere. I looked for my docs but I didn’t see them. Jewel pointed out a few to me, saying “Oh there’s doc so-and-so, and that’s doc whoever,” etc.

It would have been a good place to have a heart attack.

Which I nearly did, the singing was so incredible! The King’s Singers have an unbelievable mastery of blend, intonation, and musicality in general. They have completely conquered the art of ensemble singing.

Which is no small feat. But every tone was perfectly placed, perfectly pitched, perfectly balanced, to create a level of vocal music that is a rare privilege to experience.

I introduced myself to Chris afterwards and got a picture for ITF. Thanks for the great concert my friend!

Thanks to my buddy Benji Mast for help with the pic.