One of the many benefits of a blogging platform like WordPress is the comment feed. Any and every blogging system has a regular post feed, but the good ones put the post feed AND comment feed front and center.

Comment feeds are great, because you can easily keep up with comments whether they’re on old posts or new ones. For instance, if you don’t subscribe to the ITF comment feed, you’ve missed some excellent comments. Here are a few good ones.

Remember when I told you the King’s Singers were coming to Hoosierville? One of the King’s Singers themselves found the post and commented on it.

I mentioned David Maddux one time, and awhile later David himself left a comment.

I talked about going to the Gaither Vocal Band concert, and raved for awhile about Guy Penrod. Mrs. Darling left a good comment asking me some pointed questions about my position.

Anyway, I think the comment feed feature is pretty cool. It’s about the only way I keep up with comments on any of the blogs I follow.