These goofy shoes called Crocs have become a big thing lately. Aptly named, I say, they are a crock! Expensive or not (and they are), they’re still just goofy ugly plastic shoes.

There’s certainly no guessing what the next fad will be, is there? Who would have thought you would be able to sell chintzy-looking fifty-cent shoes for thirty bucks a pair?! Amazing.

But people are just adamant what a wonderful “shoe” they are, and can wax eloquent on and on the myriad reasons why. That’s great, I guess, but at the end of the day they’re still just a garish plastic shoe.

Women go for any kind of shoe, I’m guessing they’re the driving force behind the success of the croc. I personally know at least one man who thinks they’re wonderful, but really, I’ll bet that women are vastly responsible for the croc craze.

Note: I did not get my wife’s approval of this post. Hopefully she won’t see it.